Reopening the green

Following the committee meeting on Monday evening it has been decided that we plan to open the green on Monday 15th June. This will be dependent on the government guidelines not being altered detrimentally and there are several stringent rules which have to be adhered to.

There are some jobs which will have to be completed before the club can be considered ready for play on the green.
1. the pebbles have to be replaced in the ditches
2. the benches need putting out
3. the fence behind the flag pole needs erecting
4. the weeds around the green need removing!
5. Our greenkeeper Dan has some applications he needs to complete on the green and has informed me that he will need this time to complete
We will restart maintenance mornings on Wednesday 27th May from 9.30am and I would be soooo pleased to see as many members as can make it, many hands make light work and there are plenty of areas in the grounds to ensure we can carry out social distancing and get all these jobs done..

I shall send out further emails keeping you informed of progress and setting out the rules for use of the green in due course but if you have any queries, please contact me either by phone or email.

Kind regards,